Every year junior sisters from all over the world are invited to participate in the one-year program. Through praying, working, studying and enjoying life they grow together as one intercultural community. Being in the Generalate House enhances their sense of being part of an international congregation. Their lively presence and joy enriches the Casa community.

Indeed nothing is to be preferred to the Work of God.
RB 43:3

Our common liturgy with the Liturgy of the Hours and the  Eucharist as the high point of every day is the fountain from which our strength flows. Preparing it together and enriching each other with the different cultural expressions give us joy.

Through studies and classes given by many different sisters the juniors learn more about our faith, spirituality and history. It helps them to reflect and interpret their daily experiences.

As Benedictines we live by the work of our hands.
The junior sisters participate in the daily labour in house and garden as well as in the mission of the Casa community offering hospitality and reaching out to the  disadvantaged and marginalized of society.

Quiet times enable the junior sisters to review their lives and renew their commitment.

Being in the center of the Roman Catholic Church and in the country of St. Benedict gives them ample possibility to discover the traces of history and follow in the footsteps of our spiritual forefathers and -mothers.

Leisurely being together, sharing gifts and enjoying each others' company helps the group to grow together and build an intercultural community. 

jesus love

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