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    Welcome to the Missionary Benedictine Sisters of Tutzing in Rome, Casa Santo Spirito. As the Generalate House and Center of the International Congregation we see our mission in being a center of unity and hospitality in the Benedictine tradition. We want to be a home for our sisters coming from the whole world to be in Rome for some business, courses, meetings or a visit. Our hospitality extends to our friends who would like to visit us and explore the city of Rome. We are situated outside of the city in a quiet environment, but can still reach the city from the nearby train station Roma Aurelia in a few minutes. Welcome to visit us!


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    Historical Background

    On Christmas Eve 1895, our Mother Birgitta Korff arrived in St. Ottilien from Lukuledi Mission in German East Africa [Tanzania today], having been elected prioress of the motherhouse on September 17. In the 25 years of her service in authority, her role grew to that of prioress general. Sisters worked in missions not only in Tanzania, but also in Brazil (1903), the Philippines (1906), Bulgaria (1914), South and Southwest Africa (1920). During World War I (1914-1918) about 70 sisters had served as nurses in eastern and western Europe and also in distant Mesopotamia [Iraq today].

    Since 1904, the prioress general and councilors resided in the new motherhouse at Tutzing. The general chapters of 1927 and 1933 were held there. During World War II [1939-1945 in Europe], Mother Mathilde Hirsch took refuge in the USA, assisted by Sr. Fridberta Hänle and other sisters who were consulted as necessary. In 1941 the Hitler regime confiscated our motherhouse; it was used for a youth program, then transformed into a military hospital.

    Our general chapter of 1947 was held in neutral Switzerland. Space in the motherhouse was limited because the hospital was retained. Pope Pius XII desired generalates to be near Rome, and we Missionary Benedictine Sisters were becoming more international. A problem in southern Africa led Mother Sigillinde to decide that our generalate should relocate to Rome. Sr. Christiana König, then superior of a small community serving at the Cistercian Generalate on the Aventine in Rome, found suitable property at Via dei colli 4, Grottaferrata, South of Rome, to which the generalate members moved in September of 1953: Mother Sigillinde Weber, Sr. Hyacintha Hock, Sr. Irmengard Bachem and Sr. Petra Fey; Sr. Raphaelis Damm, superior of the community in Fribourg, Switzerland, was called to general council sessions as needed. Sisters Alma Linder, Friedlinde Freudenreich, Christiana König, later Edhilt Fasel and Kunigundis Amon and others for longer or shorter periods, supported the generalate community.

    M. Sigillinde managed without a telephone, but under M. Maria Lucas Rauch one was installed. The 1957 and 1967 general chapters met at the Casa Santo Spirito in Grottaferrata in very limited quarters. Groups of junior professed sisters and sisters leaving for/returning from the missions were received at the Casa. Good relations with generalates of other congregations and nearness to the Propaganda Fide and Vatican officials was useful.

    However, the Casa at Grottaferrata could not accommodate the increased number of general chapter members of 1970. No permit for a building (to connect two houses at Grottaferrata) could be obtained, and under Mother Gertrud Link, Sr. Christiana succeeded again in finding a new site.

    By 1970 the new, larger Casa Santo Spirito building, on spacious grounds at Via dei Bevilacqua 60, near Stazione Aurelia and the western portion of Rome's Raccordo Annulare (ring road) was ready for the 1970 general chapter, at which our Temporary Constitutions were developed. Mother Gertrud Link with Vicaress M. Lucas Rauch and councilors Caridad Barrion (Manila), Bernita Walter, and Gerhilde Linkholt (Olinda, succeeded by Sigillinde Camara Piquet after the general chapter), had easier access to the Vatican offices. Sr. Bernita also began our general Congregations archives. Sisters serving in the Casa Santo Spirito for long years were Ancilla Casoni, Kunigundis Amon, Aquinata Böckmann, Gonzaga Fuchs, Marianne Slodowski, Lucia Jörger and Fructuosa Gottanka.

    Construction of the Generalate House (Casa Santo Spirito) in Rome

    Since 1970, our general chapters have been held at the Casa Santo Spirito regularly at six-year intervals. Between them, the ample space was well utilized: for retreats, pilgrims, workshops on the Rule of St. Benedict, International Weeks of Encounter, junior sisters' programs, initial formation during the 1980's and 90's, and also for meetings of other congregations.

    Serving guests and sisters on home leave/vacation challenges sisters of the community (international now, like the generalate) cheerfully to contribute extra hours in offering true Benedictine hospitality. We praise the Lord at the Liturgy of the Hours with chants in Latin and Italian, and songs in our many languages at the Eucharist. We keep improving our communication skills patiently, thereby also giving witness to guests that persons from diverse nations and races can live together in peace as we joyfully follow Jesus.

    Four former Prioresses General (1994)

    Mother Maria Lucas Rauch, OSB (+ 2005), Mother Gertrud Link, OSB (+ 1999),
    Mother Edeltrud Weist, OSB (+ 2012), and Mother Irene Dabalus, OSB

    M. Maoro Sye, Prioress General since 2018

    Guest House Ministry



    General Chapter 2018







    Rome Generalate

    Via dei Bevilacqua 60, 00165, Roma, Italia




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